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What is FriendScene?

FriendScene is a new way to connect people. You can use FriendScene to:

- Keep in touch with friends and family.
- Reunite with old friends and colleagues.
- Socialise with people from all over the world.
- Find activity partners - people who share common beliefs and interests.
- Make new friends - a great way to meet new people through your friends.
- Chat with your friends online in realtime.
- Contact your friends with private messages.
- Rate your friends and their friends and see what they rate you.
- Organise and share your photos with your family and friends.
- Keep the world upto date with your personal page - share your personality through creative writing, personal diary or virtual resume.
- Invite your buddies into one central place for easy contact, making global announcements, birthday reminders, writing testimonials, checking popularity and more...

Whichever purpose you choose, FriendScene allows you to get in contact with friends, their friends and their friends of friends. That means you, your direct friends, your friends of friends and their friends too. Either way you think about it, the possibilities are endless!

Why not give it a chance and create your own FriendScene today? Register for FREE - it only takes a minute!